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Sunday, 19 June 2016, 22:18 / permalink / comment
Feels like it has been a thousand years but I'm not even that old so

Well yea I understand how I have been neglecting this blog for way too long. I wish I had made it a habit to blog like when I was 16 and had so much time on my hand lol. Okay but now I hope to continue updating this half-dead blog, because I will be going to Korea for Summer School! I will try to jot down details of the 40-day trip so that I can remember it properly in the future, or something, idk. It may even help those would be attending summer schools in Korea in the future. Will be departing tomorrow night, good luck to me :)

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015, 15:00 / permalink / comment
It's kinda horrifying but I'm probably getting older

Okay so I was working at some random electronics fair recently selling random laptops (that is sort of beside the point but yes achievement unlocked I finally tried selling laptops! It was shit having to stand for long hours but I like selling IT related stuff in general so yea).

Anyway, this happened one time when we were packing up at the end of the day.

We had to keep the stuff on display like laptops and brochures etc and the guy in charge of my booth was telling another temp staff to keep the brochures saying "just slot them in the hole in front of the booth".

The temp staff replied "okay" in a kinda enthusiastic way and the in-charge guy was like "wow why are you so enthusiastic the moment I mentioned the word 'hole' lol"

Upon hearing their exchange I was horrified omg. The temp staff's an 18 y/o guy and I was thinking to myself like how could the in-charge say something like that to an 18 y/o KID????????? Then I was like wait, 18 y/o... oh wait yea people do say this kind of shit stuff even when they're 15 or something idk.

Now idk what is more horrifying, the fact that the in-charge said something like that to an 18 y/o or the fact that I see someone who's 18 y/o as a kid. /covers face and roll towards sunset/

[WHISPERS] I swear I'm not even that old I'm only 21 but help


Tuesday, 23 June 2015, 01:35 / permalink / comment
Tokyo Trip May 2015 Part 1

So... I've been wanting to blog about my short trip to Tokyo last month (wow it's been a month) but I was procrastinating. Why didn't I thought of blogging about my trip in parts *shakes head in disappointment at self*

Things to take note of before going:
  1. There isn't any rubbish bin / trash can in the streets in Japan (or at least, where I've been to in Tokyo). It is advised to carry a small backpack with you and have one or more recycled plastic bags in it so that you won't have to carry your trash on hand like a fool.
  2. Bring a jacket or cardigan because it's kinda cold at night outside in May!! 
  3. Bring more than one power adapter because one is never enough, really.
  4. One small luggage is NOT enough if you want to buy snacks back (Note to self: Oreo soft cookie is a MUST to buy lots of) 
  5. Pack light. Bringing extra snacks from home is not necessary. An onigiri or a donut from convenience stores costing slightly over 1SGD is plenty enough as a snack if you're hungry.
  6. People working at subway station counters may have trouble understanding English sometimes so do your job in knowing which train lines to take beforehand.
  7. Idk why online sources told me that meals in Japan cost at least over 10SGD because you can get good ramen for around 8SGD. Maybe they were talking about high-class restaurants or something.
  8. Carry cash on hand - I've heard that lots of stores in Japan do not accept foreign cards or something but I don't use cards anyway so cash and coins are good for me.
  9. Get Suica/Pasmo cards. They work like ez-link cards and you can top them up at machines with their logos. They only work in Tokyo I think. You can use them in random convenience stores and at vending machines too which is pretty awesome.
  10. Getting Internet if you don't live there is kinda a pain in the ass because most wifi outside requires password except for the ones provided in train stations or your hotel etc. Rent a pocket wifi or buy a data card because having a working Google map can be very important if you don't know your way!!!
  11. Idk what else
Well anyway here are some photos from day 1 and 2.

Took ANA to Tokyo!

Food on plane was awesome (and a little too much haha) and the triangular mash of greens and yellows was actually egg mixed with spinach I think. It was pretty good, surprisingly.

Fluffy morning clouds!!

Finally reached Japan and this was the first photo I took *facepalm* Was queuing up for the limo bus that would get us and our luggage from the airport to our hotel.

Nice weather, nice colours :') In Shinjuku where we stayed @ Shinjuku New City Hotel.

You gotta drop by 7-11 or any random convenience store during your trip!!! Look at these precious onigiri and sushi! The variety ahhh :')

Super crowded subway station. It was insane it felt like there were a million different exits we almost got lost trying to look for the place where we can purchase our Suica cards.

First meal in Tokyo :') The ramen was good, the broth was great but the noodles were a little too idk, thick? I, who usually finishes food faster than my female friends, couldn't finish the ramen... it was too filling omg. At that point I was wondering about the people I've seen on online forums complaining about the small servings of food in Japan and I was like, seriously?

Gyoza from the same ramen restaurant!

Got some random drink from a vending machine. Soy milk tea tasted interesting I guess. Can't get enough of those vending machines and their random drinks! :^)

Bought hi-chew cola sweets just because there's a Haikyuu!! pouch that comes along with it... I don't even like sweet stuff *sweats*

Day 2 in Tokyo! View from our hotel room on the 14th floor :) I love how it looked all sunny and burning outside but when I put my hand out it was super cooling.

Plain udon with egg for breakfast

Cool station photo while we were waiting for the train to Harajuku.

Outside Meiji Shrine

Okay so you have to cleanse yourself before entering the shrine (there were instructions written in both Japanese and English)

It was a really long walk into the shrine from its entrance

Apparently people often have wedding ceremonies / wedding photos taken in shrines and we happened to witness it!

Write your wishes and hang them up at 500¥

Saw this mother and her little daughter in kimono! Everyone was chasing the little girl trying to get photos of her lol

Random selfie with Weiyan at meiji shrine entrance :v

My outfit of the day! You can't really see it but I was wearing socks with polar bear prints haha

Headed to Takeshita Street In Harajuku after that. I love the crowd!

Mandatory crepe-in-hand photo in streets in Japan. It was too sweet for me though. Now that I think about it... This crepe was probably my lunch for that day

Merch stores are heaven look at all these Haikyuu!! merch like wow. Just wow.

Random bubble tea cuz we got thirsty or something I can't remember.

They have a Calbee shop how cool is that \o/

In the process of producing awesomeness

Random station photo in Harajuku

Hachiko statue in Shibuya!

Famous Shibuya Crossing. Did I mention that I love how you can cross the road diagonally in Tokyo? Like wow why don't we have that in Singapore??

Shibuya Center Street filled with all the good food and random stores

Curry rice for dinner!

Took this photo cuz the train said it's going to Ikebukuro and I couldn't wait to go Ikebukuro

End of day 2 back in hotel! Random milk bread (well that's what it says on the packaging idk) from the four stories Daiso in Harajuku (everything was 108¥ - inclusive of tax)

There was sooooo much walking everyday that by the time I get back to hotel at night I would collapse on bed immediately and even had trouble standing up lol. The hotel was okay I guess. I just didn't quite like the cigarette smell in the room when we first arrived but it got better after we left the room window opened (well there was only one window)

The weather at night was amazing too (from a Singaporean's point of view where it's summer all year round in the country). No air-con was needed and I slept pretty well under the thick fluffy cover :)

-end of part 1-



Saturday, 20 June 2015, 21:27 / permalink / comment
You would never sing along


Craving badly for some tonkotsu ramen and onigiri. I miss the good and relatively cheap ramen in Tokyo, and of course, their convenience stores too. All the good food there *clenches fists*

On a different note - will I ever stop worrying about my future?



Friday, 19 June 2015, 15:29 / permalink / comment
Crossing Field

Okay, so I restarted my blog again. I just can't make up my mind. Gross, I know. Once I start to think that I can just erase old stuff and start something new without giving a second thought to what once was, it becomes kinda easy to just keep redoing stuff.

Whatever. Got my results yesterday. It wasn't that bad, but I know I could have done better if only I just bothered putting in effort. How many times have I said that in my 21 years in life already? If only, if only, if only. Will I ever learn? What is the point of regretting if what's done has already been done? It's not like I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Time to become more responsible.

Everything is so gross.

Being jealous of people is so gross too. Seeing people get things I want, having that bitter feeling that grows in me. Every time I just keep telling myself, life is unfair. It doesn't matter how hard you try in life sometimes if you don't have the most crucial component - luck. But still, it can't be helped that in such situations I'm thinking "why isn't it me" "it could have been me" (no I'm not talking about my non-existent love life, thank you very much).

Yes, I do believe that failures make a person stronger. But even so, does it really matter if the person is stronger? It does play a role in how you make your decisions in life after the failure but it can also be the other way, failures piling on top of failures. Your first failure can be what determines your next failure. Don't give up? The society isn't that kind most of the time. I don't want to be such a pessimist, but those motivational talks about people who succeeded after picking themselves up after failures and trying harder, those may be just exceptions. Hundreds and thousands and millions of people fail everyday, and where are they now? Nameless and unknown. Left in the dust.

Even after all these talks about failing and being a nobody, I still want to be the exception. Idek. Oh well.

On a final note, I've always been abandoning my blog but in the end I still can't not keep one - because where else can I rant when I feel the need to? I'll just keep this here and write whenever I want to.