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Wednesday, 22 July 2015, 15:00 / permalink / comment
It's kinda horrifying but I'm probably getting older

Okay so I was working at some random electronics fair recently selling random laptops (that is sort of beside the point but yes achievement unlocked I finally tried selling laptops! It was shit having to stand for long hours but I like selling IT related stuff in general so yea).

Anyway, this happened one time when we were packing up at the end of the day.

We had to keep the stuff on display like laptops and brochures etc and the guy in charge of my booth was telling another temp staff to keep the brochures saying "just slot them in the hole in front of the booth".

The temp staff replied "okay" in a kinda enthusiastic way and the in-charge guy was like "wow why are you so enthusiastic the moment I mentioned the word 'hole' lol"

Upon hearing their exchange I was horrified omg. The temp staff's an 18 y/o guy and I was thinking to myself like how could the in-charge say something like that to an 18 y/o KID????????? Then I was like wait, 18 y/o... oh wait yea people do say this kind of shit stuff even when they're 15 or something idk.

Now idk what is more horrifying, the fact that the in-charge said something like that to an 18 y/o or the fact that I see someone who's 18 y/o as a kid. /covers face and roll towards sunset/

[WHISPERS] I swear I'm not even that old I'm only 21 but help


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